Who I Am and What I Do

Let’s start this backwards: Who am I not?

I am not, at this time in my life, an activist. I am not a teacher. I am not an external advocate.

I am a storyteller, a fighter, a healer, an artist. I work within my communities to bring them together. As a Métis individual, as someone queer and poor and disabled, I have compartmentalized myself for too long. I have stifled parts of my identity to make others comfortable, and I am done with that. If I exist in a space I want all of me to exist there, and that is what I focus my energy on here and now.

I am not someone who cares about allies. I am someone who cares about action.

I am compassionate, but I am unforgiving toward deliberate ignorance and callousness.

I support others, but I prioritize my own needs.

I’m Dorian. And you?


One thought on “Who I Am and What I Do

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